1. Iasos: Crystal Petals
2. The City: I Wasnt Born To Follow
3. Anna Själv Tredje: Inkomster Utanför Tiden (excerpt)
4. Michele: Know Yourself
5. Orpheus: Monkey Demon
6. The Harmonic Choir: Multiplying Voices at the Hear (excerpt)
7. Allaudin William Mathieu: Scales Of Scales
8. Roger Davy: Corail Dans La Mer De Tranquillite
9. Joanna Brouk: Atavesta
10. Colleen Lovett: Birds With Broken Wings Pt 2
11. Paul Horn: Inside
12. The Trees Community: Psalm 42
13. Hans-Joachim Roedelius: In Liebe Dein
14. Roger Winfield: Windsong 3
15. Peter Finger: Blues For The Rhine
16. Swami Kriya Ramananda: Song Of The Golden Lotus
17. These Trails: Our House In Hanalei