1. Derbyshire, Simpson, Hodgson & Vorhaus: Planetarium (excerpt)
2. Anne Briggs: The Snow It Melts The Soonest (excerpt)
3. Mike Vickers: Time Trial
4. Position Normal: Fanny
5. Johnny Keating: Carlos’ Theme
6. David Snell: Country Walks
7. Children of the Italia Conti School: Trees & Flowers
8. Edward Williams: The Sex Life of the Fern
9. Brian Whitehouse: Sonata In A Major
10. Johnny Morris: Lulu the Baby Seal
11. John Baker: Space Workshop MQ LP48/4
12. Daphne Oram: Lego Builds It
13. Pamela Blue: Hey There Stranger
14. BBC Radiophonic Workshop: Adagio (excerpt)
15. Cults Percussion Ensemble: Polymers
16. Clara Rockmore: Rachmaninoff - Vocalise
17. Phyllis April King: The Wasted Call
18. Steve Gray: Gliding Through Clouds
19. Jazz Baroque Quartet: Sonate A Trois
20. Valerie Masters: He Didn't Fool Me
21. Tristram Cary: Narcissus
22. Stanley Unwin: Artcraft
23. Brian Cant: The Little Steam Train
24. The Scaffold: Mr. Tickle
25. Susanna Mildonian: La Source - Etude Op 44
26. Ivor Cutler: A Suck of My Thumb
27. Lady June: The Letter
28. Peter Wyngarde: Pay No Attention
29. John Ross-Bernard: Introduction
30. Structures Sonores: Manège